Friday, 30 October 2020

Claire and Tony Wedding Photography

Claire and Tony come from East Sussex. This was, by choice, a traditional wedding which was photographed in informal-traditional style. There were no surf-boards present. I attended the house first for close family photos which included the bridesmaids who were Claire's best friends. Fortunately, the weather which was threatening to down-pour from the start held off for the duration of the wedding. Claire and her father were transported in a Beauford open-top wedding car which I have come across many times and is very photogenic, especially on sunny days.

Tony, his mates and I, exchanged light-hearted banter whilst I took the photos then they promptly disappeared inside the church before Claire's arrival. On arrival, Claire and her father were photographed in the car from all angles after which the two bridesmaids gathered Claire's dress in their hands and aided her to the church door where the minister was waiting. In this present digital age, the photography in the church during wedding ceremonies has taken on a completely new meaning.

It is expected by the bride and groom to move about quite liberally in attempting to cover every stage of the proceedings which can have the effect of upsetting the minister, especially. I try not to do this! – that is to upset the minister. This day was different as I was neatly tucked away at the back of the church not being allowed to move from off my spot. After the ceremony we made our way outside for wedding photography using the church building as the backdrop; some family shots and some of the friends then off to the reception.

Close by the hotel I photographed Claire and Tony with views of the sea behind them ending my duties with some classic photos looking through the hotel lattice windows.