Friday, 30 October 2020

Fabien & Jennifer Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Cornwall: F & J's wedding photographs at Trevone beach, Padstow. Fortunately, the weather was bright and cloudy with moderate to strong wind and no rain: Fortunate because the beach was practically empty giving me a free hand to pick and choose the exact location without there being bodies in the way. I checked the tidal schedule ahead of the day which indicated we had an hour and a half before high tide.

There are two beaches at Trevone, one covered in rocks, the other sand and rocks which was our obvious choice. The photos below were taken at six different spots; you can see in some of them we got caught by an unexpected wave or two which soaked Fabien's trousers - thankfully this did not dampen his enthusiasm and spirit of fun. Thankfully too my cameras were still dry. Over-looking the beach there are some high rocks which one can walk (not climb) to easily. These offer some great views but need to be trodden with caution as there are obvious risks. We had, in all, an hour of fun there and my mission was successfully accomplished. As part of the wedding photography in Cornwall, I emailed 163 wedding photographs cornwall and posted a cd with the same ones in high res.