Friday, 30 October 2020

LSWPP - Photographic Qualification

Wedding Photographers Cornwall: Before describing the level or standard of the qualification which I hold, I will give an overview of the organisation which has accredited it. The Society Of Wedding And Portrait Photographers, the SWPP, was established in 1988. It's membership consists of active professional photographers in the wedding and portrait industry. In January 2000 the society merged with the British Professional Photographers Association which covers a broader spectrum of the photographic industry. It promotes a progressively higher standard through its various seminars and different levels of membership.

Every year it hosts a convention gathering together companies supplying photographic goods and services to professionals worldwide; photographers of all levels can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the big names in the photography world who teach through prearranged seminars. Finally, to come to the subject of the abovementioned qualification. LSWPP denotes Licentiate of the Society Of Wedding And Portrait Photographers: The SWPP draws judges from amongst the most skillful practitioners in the world. They are trained to look for a consistent standard of imaging; a professional level of competence which in the terminology of the Trade Standards Department describes items as of "Merchantable Quality". A framed certificate hangs in the studio showroom. Jeff covers wedding and portrait photographers cornwall.

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