Friday, 30 October 2020

Photographing Your Canine Friend, Photographers Wadebridge

Portrait Photographer Cornwall: From time to time the studio has the pleasure of photographing your dog(s) with or without owner included. Usually people tend to be more enthusiastic about having their dog(s) photographed alone than seeing themselves sat beside them. That is not to say the owner will be idle, watching by the wayside because that is far from the truth. With treat in hand the dog is led into place over and over again and with patient perseverence our goal is reached. Several times we have had the challenge of manoeuvring three dogs together into some kind of order.

It may seem a rather tall order but not once have we been defeated into resigning. However, it has not been without accidents to the studio furniture: Once one of the dogs brought down the studio background system after jumping on it. I am grateful, though, that to date all owners have considerately toiletted their dogs prior to the sitting which otherwise would have lingering effects for days if not weeks to follow. The studio is happy to photograph any other sort of pets you have: We have experience photographing parrots and horses before but not at the studio! If you prefer a less studio type setting for your dog sitting we can visit your home. Give us a call. For your wedding photography cornwall we can take photographs of you with your dog or horse on your wedding day.