Friday, 30 October 2020

Photography Of Personal Injuries in Trevone, Truro and Wadebridge

Portrait Photographer Cornwall: The studio offers this specialist service in aiding victims of personal injury to obtain compensation through a solicitor with the use of accurate photographic evidence. Often it requires knowledge of various lighting techniques and the use of professional macro lens equipment. It may also be used for medical recovery purposes. Frequently people visit the studio weeks or months after the incident which unfortunately means the images we capture for them do not show the full extent of their injuries.

The studio will produce up to 24 images of the injury; these are taken at the most defining angles, bringing out the full depth and colour of the specific area. A full length photograph(s) will be included in the set to identify the individual concerned. We will supply a letter of confirmation indicating the authenticity of the images which are untouched, meaning they have not be manipulated.

Three sets of photographs will be produced; one for each solicitor and one for your own reference. A cd can be supplied, on request, at no additional cost. We charge £85, total. We recommend that the sitting takes place at the studio premises. However, if you require that we come out to your home for personal injury photography there will be a small fee for this. Please refer to the blog and main website for the full breadth of services offered by Jeff Murton Studios wedding photographer cornwall.